Supporting a world of decency, respect, and kindness

Tired of standing by and watching our political climate become increasingly mean-spirited and disrespectful?

We believe our leaders should embody the best in human nature, not the worst.

We believe treating people with decency and respect is not only the right thing to do, but essential for a livable democracy. It is not about agreeing; it is about treating people with dignity, even when we see the world differently.

Almost every tradition speaks of “treating people with the same kindness and respect that we want to be treated.” If we ask schoolchildren to do this, it only seems fair to expect the same from our leaders.

Our mission is to support universal human values such as truthfulness, respect, and kindness in our society and our leadership.  We will use our VOICE, our RESOURCES, and our VOTE to elect leaders who are not only smart, determined, and strong, but also kind.

Join us in this movement!