What is the mission of the #VOTEKINDNESS movement?  

Our mission is to support universal human values such as truthfulness, respect, and kindness in our society and our leadership.  We will use our voice, our resources, and our vote to elect leaders who are determined and strong –– and also kind.

Who is behind the #VOTEKINDNESS movement?  

#VOTEKINDNESS is a project under the Wisdom 2.0 Productions organization. 

Wisdom 2.0’s mission is to support people to live with awareness and wisdom in our technology-rich age. We create events that help people better connect with themselves, build community, and discover their unique purpose on this planet. Through our series of conferences, meet-ups, and workshops, Wisdom 2.0 strives to bring this conversation to the world in an accessible, innovative, and inclusive way.  To learn more about Wisdom 2.0, click here. 

Do you endorse specific candidates, political parties, or policies? 

Currently, we do not endorse specific candidates or policies. We are not affiliated with a political party and we welcome people from both sides of the aisle, and those with no party affiliation. We encourage voters to support kind, decent and respectful candidates, and we encourage our community members to decide on a candidate for themselves–– by using our #VOTEKINDNESS checklist below and/or prioritizing these values (kindness, decency, respect) as criteria on the ballot when choosing a candidate. 

Are you focused on a specific city, region, state or country?

We are focused on kindness among all leaders around the world at every level of leadership.


How can I decide if a leader conducts themselves/him/herself with kind action? 

Here’s our #VOTEKINDNESS candidate checklist:

  • Do their campaign materials devote most of their space to promoting solutions to problems rather than criticizing their opponents?
  • When conversing in public with people presenting opposing views (e.g., debates, town-hall meetings), do they use language that respects opposing points of view?
  • Do they listen with an intent to understand, and respond respectfully?
  • If an incumbent, do they vote strictly along party lines?
  • If an incumbent, do they work across the aisle to find and implement solutions?
  • Have they been involved in civic or community projects? 
  • Has the leader/candidate signed the #VOTEKINDNESS People’s Pledge? 

Why is it important to vote for a kind leader? 

Research has shown that the best way to lead is to combine strength with warmth. Harvard Business Review: Connect, Then Lead

Kind leaders get better results and build stronger relationships. Kind Leaders Get Better Results (Builds Strong Relationships)

Kindness is contagious. Each kind, public role model we elect can have a huge impact on the spread and growth of kindness in our societies. Cooperative behavior cascades in human social networks

Because they know that happiness comes from helping others (Do Unto Others or Treat Yourself? …), kind leaders are less likely to seek power for selfish reasons and are more likely to act in ways that benefit ALL of us.



  • Sign and share The #VOTEKINDNESS People’s Pledge to act as the example we would like to set for our leaders. Encourage your friends, family, community members, leaders, and candidates to sign, too! Find the Pledge here. 
  • Buy #VOTEKINDNESS merchandise. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, face masks and lawn signs available to help spread the word. All apparel can be found here, and our lawn signs are available here
  • Share on your social media! We encourage you to share a photo of your #VOTEKINDNESS merch or other #VOTEKINDNESS inspired photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any social channels you frequent. Tag our hashtag on FB and IG and we’ll reshare it on our Wisdom 2.0 account, too! 


  • Join our private Facebook group to meet and chat with our like-minded community members who prioritize action around kindness!  Request to join here. 
  • Say hello on Zoom. Through the November 3rd USA election, we are hosting community Zoom meetings every other Wednesday with at 1PM PT. Sign up here!