Our Core Principles

People Are Basically Good.

People will act with decency and kindness if given the right support and conditions. Decency is the norm, not an abnormality.

We Are More Alike Than Different.

No matter political orientation, the world we want for ourselves and our children is not that different. We all want happiness, well-being, and economic opportunity.

We Each Have A Part To Play.

Each of us has a role to play in creating this world. Our actions matter.

Understanding Creates Connection.

When we take the time to understand other people’s viewpoints, even if we do not agree, connection builds.

Stay United

The media and other groups tend to divide us. But we are all Americans. Whether you live in New York City or a small town in Texas, were raised poor or wealthy, work a blue collar or white collar job, identify as Democrat or Republican, are old or young … we are more alike than different.

We each deserve respect.

Let’s Turn The Tide

When our children witness our leaders speaking harshly and unkindly about other people and groups, this behavior gets normalized.

It can be a dangerous world, and we need our leaders to be vigilant and strong, but name-calling and bullying do not help. Our children deserve better.

It is time we change this!